Visible Lives: Oral Histories of the Disability Experience

I am honored to be a volunteer interviewer for The New York Public Library’s new project, Visible Lives: Oral Histories of the Disability Experience.

Visible Lives: Oral Histories of the Disability Experience is an oral history project that works to both preserve and document a thematic history through personal recollections. This project will collect stories of people who have lived (or currently live) with a visual impairment or a disability.  Interviews will be shared in a preservation archive at The Milstein Division and on the New York Public Library website.  Public programs will also connect neighborhood residents and project participants.

Visible Lives is a project of Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library in Manhattan.  A public archive will be kept at this local branch for future generations to listen to and research.

There will be a launch event for participants on Saturday, November 22nd.  The project is due to run until April 2015.  There are about 30-40 interviewers and a growing list of Storytellers.

Here is a link to the NYPL website:

Here is a link to the first interview for the project with the photographer, Flo Fox:

Please forward this post to those who you think might be interested in sharing their stories.  Interviews can be conducted at the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library on West 20th Street in Manhattan, at another location set by the Storyteller and Interviewer (as long as it is very quiet), or on the telephone, (although it is best if the storytellers and interviewers meet each other in person at least once before or at the time of the conversation). The interviews take approximately 2 Hours, but the time varies depending upon the storytellers.

If you have not shared your story, isn’t it a great time to do so?


~ Wendy

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