Potential employees want to work where they will be valued, understood, and invited to participate fully! Organizations with robust, sustainable diversity and inclusion missions will attract the best and the brightest.


Once you hire those impressive candidates, the best way to keep them engaged is to flex or modulate your management style to adapt to diverse perspectives and work styles. In today’s workplace, there is not one way to do anything. Innovation is driven by diversity, but only if your leaders know how to invite the full participation of everyone.


The best employees want to continually learn and grow. That means that you need to be inclusive in development opportunities, and not limit your investment to those who you deem your high potentials.  You may be missing the hidden high potentials because of unconscious bias or cultural differences in communication style.


After making the investment in recruitment and hiring, don’t risk high turnover by limiting how you develop leaders and keep diverse staff engaged. How are you assuring that you limit turnover? What do you need to know about employees’ perceptions of inclusion in your organization?

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Potential employees, customers, clients, donors, board members, and other strategic partners are looking for organizations that are equitable, diverse, inclusive and free of discriminatory practices. When they look into your organization, are you confident about what they will see and hear?