Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. 

Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC was founded on the principle that we must work to accomplish equity and inclusion for all people by educating and encouraging self-reflection and empathy. We assert that Black Lives Matter because throughout the history of the United States of America, Black lives have been restricted, endangered, and ended by institutional and systemic racism. We assert that every one of us must do what we can to fight racism and to be affirmatively anti-racist. We are committed to this based on our personal perspectives, our academic research, and our professional experiences. The methods we employ to value and save Black lives must be strategic, intentional, and collaborative, and must be informed by history and knowledge. This is more than a movement to us. This work is critical for the future of our nation and future generations who should be able to sleep, walk, run, breathe, and live in peace.

To this end we want to share a few resources:
Anti-Racism Resources Compendium
Equal Justice Initiative

If you or your organization needs support in navigating these challenging and pivotal issues, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Wendy and Paula

Wendy Amengual Wark                                                                   Paula T. Edgar, Esq.
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