• You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For! [Part II]

    Why do you need a D&I expert in the first place? Before beginning a search for a D&I / EEO expert to join or support your organization you should ask the following questions: What are our D&I / EEO goals? What resulted from our previous D&I efforts? Do we think that we need a full time staff person to take on our D&I/EEO Goals or can an outside consultant sufficiently support our needs? Do we

  • You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For! [Part I]

    Recently, there have been a plethora of scandals concerning domestic violence, discrimination, and sexual harassment in the news.  Each of these disturbing events seem to elicit responses by self-proclaimed ‘experts’ purporting to know how to solve problems of inequity and discrimination. This has led me to ask the question:  If you have a tooth ache, do you tie a string around that tooth and tie the other end to a door knob and slam