• Implicit Bias Town Hall attendee

    Discussing real problems (people feeling comfortable discussing issues) helps tremendously. Having people who are new employees and "old" - meaning in # of years at __ - is important. Thanks - Great Job!

  • Inclusive Management Training attendee

    You are truly a master of your craft and I will always remember the experience. I am so eager to implement what I've learned, that I am staying late this evening to begin mapping out my first steps in this new journey of managing successfully.

  • Lorrie Williams

    Wendy is an exemplary consultant and trainer in the field of diversity and corporate leadership development. Wendy’s depth of knowledge with regards to “inclusion” in the work place is extensive. Her presentation and facilitation skills are stellar. She has her hand on the pulse of the continuous evolution of corporate culture and her custom workshops exemplify this. I highly recommend Wendy Wark.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Attendee

    The most engaging sexual harassment training I've done. Thank you for creating a comfortable atmosphere to discuss these topics!

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention attendee

    I was sort of dreading a 3-hour mandatory training session, but Wendy and Paula made it engaging and relevant.

  • Steven Newhouse

    Vice President Human Resources
    FedEx National LTL (retired)

    Of all the Diversity professionals I have encountered in my career, Wendy is simply put - 'the real thing'. She is a natural group leader, facilitator, team player, professional example of a teacher, mentor, and educator.