• Inclusive Management Training attendee

    You are truly a master of your craft and I will always remember the experience. I am so eager to implement what I've learned, that I am staying late this evening to begin mapping out my first steps in this new journey of managing successfully.

  • Inclusive Workplace Workshop attendee

    This was a very welcomed and well-done training.  The best I have ever attended and I look forward to continuing this.  Paula brought up many great points and some things that had not even crossed my mind that we should be thinking of.  Thank you, Paula,

  • Steven Newhouse

    Vice President Human Resources
    FedEx National LTL (retired)

    Of all the Diversity professionals I have encountered in my career, Wendy is simply put - 'the real thing'. She is a natural group leader, facilitator, team player, professional example of a teacher, mentor, and educator.

  • Implicit Bias Town Hall attendee

    Discussing real problems (people feeling comfortable discussing issues) helps tremendously. Having people who are new employees and "old" - meaning in # of years at __ - is important. Thanks - Great Job!

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention attendee

    Great session - I expected to be bored but it was engaging & I learned things that weren't clear before.

  • Margaret Crawley

    Wendy is a dynamic speaker with exceptional presentation skills. She is very confident in her level of expertise, and consequently, very effective in her delivery of the subject matter. Wendy successfully engages her audience with an activity that accentuates the diversity of the group, while establishing common ground that begins the process of breaking down barriers. Her effervescence and passion energize and captivate the audience for the duration of the presentation. When Wendy speaks she imparts vast wisdom and knowledge that quench the insatiable desires of inquiring minds.