• Sexual Harassment Prevention attendee

    I was sort of dreading a 3-hour mandatory training session, but Wendy and Paula made it engaging and relevant.

  • Inclusive Workplace Workshop attendee

    This was a very welcomed and well-done training.  The best I have ever attended and I look forward to continuing this.  Paula brought up many great points and some things that had not even crossed my mind that we should be thinking of.  Thank you, Paula,

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Attendee

    The most engaging sexual harassment training I've done. Thank you for creating a comfortable atmosphere to discuss these topics!

  • Rebecca Kieler

    If your company is looking at the issue of diversity or inclusion you want to do yourself a favor and talk to Wendy. Her style is warm, engaging and hands on. She has lived what she teaches all her life so she brings much more than a way to make the numbers. She will give you tools that will allow your company easier success and profitability and build a culture that will thrive and put you on the '10 best companies to work for' list.

  • Steven Newhouse

    Vice President Human Resources
    FedEx National LTL (retired)

    Of all the Diversity professionals I have encountered in my career, Wendy is simply put - 'the real thing'. She is a natural group leader, facilitator, team player, professional example of a teacher, mentor, and educator.

  • Implicit Bias Town Hall attendee

    Discussing real problems (people feeling comfortable discussing issues) helps tremendously. Having people who are new employees and "old" - meaning in # of years at __ - is important. Thanks - Great Job!