• Margaret Crawley

    Wendy is a dynamic speaker with exceptional presentation skills. She is very confident in her level of expertise, and consequently, very effective in her delivery of the subject matter. Wendy successfully engages her audience with an activity that accentuates the diversity of the group, while establishing common ground that begins the process of breaking down barriers. Her effervescence and passion energize and captivate the audience for the duration of the presentation. When Wendy speaks she imparts vast wisdom and knowledge that quench the insatiable desires of inquiring minds.

  • Mecca E. Santana

    Vice President, Diversity and Community Relations
    Westchester Medical Center

    Attending diversity presentations with Wendy is always a rewarding experience. Her intellectual depth and dynamic presentation skills are truly remarkable. As a fellow practitioner, I appreciate Wendy’s ability to further the conversation in a meaningful way.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training attendee

    I have attended my fair share of trainings, but this by far was the most informative. You asked some really good questions that made me think.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention attendee

    The session was very well-led. The examples Wendy and Paula discussed were valuable in demonstrating the subtleties of discrimination and harassment.

  • HR Unconscious Bias Workshop attendee

    This session was amazing. I learned not only about diversity & inclusion, but … to be more present, a better leader, a thoughtful person in my HR Role.

  • Inclusive Management Training attendee

    I have been a manager for over 20 years and I have attended my share of management training seminars, but none as informative and practical as the day and a half I spent receiving instruction and guidance from you.