Potential employees want to work where they will be valued, understood, and invited to participate fully! Organizations with robust, sustainable diversity and inclusion missions will attract the best and the brightest.


Once you hire those impressive candidates, the best way to keep them engaged is to flex or modulate your management style to adapt to diverse perspectives and work styles. In today’s workplace, there is not one way to do anything. Innovation is driven by diversity, but only if your leaders know how to invite the full participation of everyone.


The best employees want to continually learn and grow. That means that you need to be inclusive in development opportunities, and not limit your investment to those who you deem your high potentials.  You may be missing the hidden high potentials because of unconscious bias or cultural differences in communication style.


After making the investment in recruitment and hiring, don’t risk high turnover by limiting how you develop leaders and keep diverse staff engaged. How are you assuring that you limit turnover? What do you need to know about employees’ perceptions of inclusion in your organization?

Reputation / Image

Potential employees, customers, clients, donors, board members, and other strategic partners are looking for organizations that are equitable, diverse, inclusive and free of discriminatory practices. When they look into your organization, are you confident about what they will see and hear?



Diversity Consulting

Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC is an MWBE certified consulting firm that helps leaders at corporations, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and internationally to advance their organization’s missions through a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Organizational Cultural Assessments

Assess your organization’s current culture.

To determine your organization’s baseline diversity, equity, and inclusion competency and position, we conduct confidential, objective assessments of your policies, practices, communication, and your stakeholders’ perspectives.

  • Review of current & past strategies, training, communication (website, recruitment materials, branding)
  • Administer Employee Surveys
  • Conduct Staff Interviews
  • Facilitate Focus Groups

Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Planning

In a 24/7 world, reacting to the latest need or crisis is critical, but the most successful organizations develop strategic plans that are adaptable to current events. Diversity and Inclusion is no exception. if you want to succeed with your D+I initiatives, plan twice and implement once!

Create a realistic, measurable strategic inclusion plan of action.

We assist and advise your leadership in developing a tangible and flexible diversity and inclusion (D+I) plan that supports your organization’s mission, vision and goals. We guide you in developing a viable succession plan and establishing inclusive methods to develop employees, including your ‘hidden’ high-potentials.

  • Facilitate DEI Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Development of D+I Mission and Vision
  • Policy / Protocol / Guideline development
  • Guide clients through developing realistic timelines
  • Provide best practices for establishing sustainable strategies
  • Help clients to establish accountability throughout organization

Practitioner Support

Often, EEO or Diversity Officers operate with limited bandwidth and resources. We provide support through assistance with EEO and Employee Relations matters, strategizing and navigating the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

We support practitioners by assisting with the development and roll-out of EEO / Diversity / Equity policies and protocols.

EEO Investigation and Resolution

Having a third party conduct investigations mitigates risk, assures objectivity, and reassures employees about the effectiveness of the process.

We provide support in this area by:

  • Reviewing relevant documents
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Providing Assessments, feedback, findings, recommendations
  • Conducting Mediation Sessions

EEO Counsel and Advise Sessions

If an internal EEO investigation results in a finding of ‘probable cause’ we assist clients by working with the respondents to assure that they understand not only what the laws and policies are, but that they must adapt their behavior to at minimum, comply with the rules of conduct established by their employer.

We also work with clients’ impacted departments to provide transitional support and guidance when and EEO matter creates fallout in terms of employee engagement, organizational trust, and leadership accountability.

One strategy that we implement with great success is facilitating listening sessions so that all affected employees can be fully heard and fairly treated following an investigation.

  • Coaching for EEO/D+I Practitioners
  • Best Practices
  • Strategy Development
  • Measuring Success

Leadership Development

Many leaders are born with ambition and develop a clearly defined mission, but few have had specific training on the competencies and communication skills needed to lead inclusively. We provide both training and coaching for executives, including EEO/D+I practitioners to assure that you accomplish your mission.

  • Inclusive Leadership training sessions
  • Coaching
  • EEO / DEI Best Practices
  • Professional Development
  • Inclusive Communication for Leaders

DEI Strategy Messaging

Develop and deliver clear, concise, inclusive communication.

Leveraging the power of both traditional and cutting edge media, we refine your existing communication and help develop new messages to keep your targeted audiences (external and internal) informed and up to date about your organization’s transformation.

Employee Resource Groups / Inclusion Councils

Employee Resource Groups

One size does not fit all! Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) need to be developed that support your organization’s unique culture. Whether you opt for affinity groups (LGBT, Women, African-American, etc.) or Inclusion Councils (members from all affinity groups), ERGs need to be established to support your organizational mission and vision and be structured for success.


  • Development of an ERG strategy
  • Development of ERG Protocols / Resource Handbook for participants
  • Development and facilitation of training for ERG members
  • Customized support for your ERG initiative


Many studies have shown that mentoring helps people to succeed, especially those who are not part of the predominant cultural group. As with all development strategies, mentoring programs need structure, guidance and support in order to succeed. Mentors and Protégés need to learn how to set goals, have productive conversations and develop multi-dimensional relationships.

We help clients to:

  • Develop a mentoring strategy
  • Develop a mentoring handbook for participants
  • Develop and facilitate training for mentors and protégés
  • Customize support for your mentoring initiative

All of Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC’s services are customized to support your organization’s specific needs and unique culture.


Training and Education

Employees are trained to use software, but also need tactical education to navigate the complexities of diversity and inclusion. We help employees to understand the impact of bias, the elements of inclusive communication, and to develop the skills and techniques needed to succeed in rapidly changing organizational cultures.

Provide results-based tactical education.

To develop the soft and hard skills that employees need to drive organizational success, we provide Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC’s proprietary, proven-effective selection of workshops.

We work with clients and employ adult education theory, the latest technology, and up to date subject matter to provide engaging, interactive transformational sessions on a customized basis.

Our methodology includes anonymous preparatory surveys, in-session anonymous feedback, role playing, case studies, videos, and learning aids to assure that we engage all learning styles. Participant evaluations and our observations provide clients with feedback and data on the impact of the sessions.

  • Preparatory participant survey to be distributed 1-week prior to session
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Learning Aid: An annotated document including select content from PowerPoint slides and handouts, a glossary, and links to references and resources (Distributed to participants one week following workshop)
  • Participant evaluations to be collected and tabulated for post-session assessment (Remitted to client one week following completion of all sessions)

Subjects include:

  • Unconscious Bias
  • EEO / Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Inclusive Workplace / Communication
  • Inclusive Management / Supervision
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Addressing Racism
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Inclusive Teams
  • Inclusive Recruitment, Interviewing, Hiring, and Onboarding
  • Train-the-Trainer