“Attending diversity presentations with Wendy is always a rewarding experience. Her intellectual depth and dynamic presentation skills are truly remarkable. As a fellow practitioner, I appreciate Wendy's ability to further the conversation in a meaningful way.”
          - Mecca E. Santana, Vice President, Diversity and Community Relations, Westchester Medical Center

“Of all the Diversity professionals I have encountered in my career, Wendy is simply put - 'the real thing'. She is a natural group leader, facilitator, team player, professional example of a teacher, mentor, and educator.”
          - Steven Newhouse, Vice President Human Resources, FedEx National LTL (retired)

“Wendy is a dynamic speaker with exceptional presentation skills.  She is very confident in her level of expertise, and consequently, very effective in her delivery of the subject matter.  Wendy successfully engages her audience with an activity that accentuates the diversity of the group, while establishing common ground that begins the process of breaking down barriers.  Her effervescence and passion energize and captivate the audience for the duration of the presentation.  When Wendy speaks she imparts vast wisdom and knowledge that quench the insatiable desires of inquiring minds.”
          - Margaret Crawley, Chair, Dallas Human Resources Association Annual Diversity Conference

“Wendy began working with us at short notice, and effortlessly adjusted to our tight time schedule all the while responding to our need to better address diversity and inclusion. Throughout the entire process of developing our Diversity and Inclusion mission and goals, she worked cooperatively with our organization matching the working style of our small non-profit. In addition to being a strategic thinker, Wendy is also an enthusiastic and personable person making her a pleasure to work with.”
          - Camille Guiriba, Transportation and Land Use Coalition [Transform]

“If your company is looking at the issue of diversity or inclusion you want to do yourself a favor and talk to Wendy. Her style is warm, engaging and hands on. She has lived what she teaches all her life so she brings much more than a way to make the numbers. She will give you tools that will allow your company easier success and profitability and build a culture that will thrive and put you on the '10 best companies to work for' list.”
          - Rebecca Kieler, Founder Kieler Career Consulting

“Wendy is an exemplary consultant and trainer in the field of diversity and corporate leadership development. Wendy’s depth of knowledge with regards to “inclusion” in the work place is extensive. Her presentation and facilitation skills are stellar. She has her hand on the pulse of the continuous evolution of corporate culture and her custom workshops exemplify this. I highly recommend Wendy Wark”
          - Lorrie Williams, CEC, Small Business Coach, Mastering You!